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It can be life-changing when the state or federal government charges a person with a crime. His freedom, reputation, and even his life can be at stake. For these reasons, we take our criminal defense practice very seriously. The seriousness we apply to our cases doesn’t depend on whether the case is a felony or misdemeanor. Our Dallas criminal lawyers go hard for all our clients. Our criminal defense practice takes us throughout the State of Texas.


Our Dallas criminal lawyers have over 20 combined years of experience representing the accused. We have represented hundreds of people charged with murder, DWIs, drug charges, gun violations, and much more. There is probably not a type of criminal case we have not handled. One of our attorneys, Chloe Corbett, has prosecutorial experience in the prosecutor’s office for the city of Dallas. These years of combined experience enable us to provide top-notch criminal defense representation.

Our Fees

Our fees for providing criminal representation are affordable. Our fees are not the most or least expensive in our market. They average in the middle. We base our prices on a few factors, principally the seriousness of the charge. We also offer payment plans.

Criminal Process

Below is a brief and simplified explanation of the criminal process in Texas. The process varies depending on the jurisdiction and nature of the criminal charge. No matter the jurisdiction or charge,

Typically, a criminal case begins when a police officer arrests a person and accuses him of committing a crime. Within a specific time, the person goes before a magistrate. The magistrate officially informs the person of the charge he faces and his bond amount. The person can now be released on bond. Depending on various factors, the person may need the services of a bail bondsman. For some minor cases, the jail may release a person based on their signature and promise to appear in court.

If the person cannot afford the bond set by the magistrate, we file a Motion to lower the bond. We have a hearing in front of the District Judge to aggressively argue to get the accused out of jail.

If the grand jury issues a true bill of indictment, the person must attend court to dispose of the case. The case will be disposed of by dismissal, trial, or plea bargain. The next phase is sentencing if the person pleads, or the jury finds him guilty. Sentencing can include incarceration, probation, fines, court costs, community service, and other requirements.

Types of Criminal Cases Our Dallas Criminal Lawyers Handle

Below is a short list of the types of criminal cases we handle. The list doesn’t include all the types of criminal cases we accept but is a representative list.


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