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Firm Philisophy

chess pieces on the board

We put our clients first

Without clients, we do not exist.  Period.  Common sense tells us therefore that our clients must take priority and come first.  Our number one goal is to please our clients, always. Our commitment is to give every client our best efforts.  Though we do not promise outcomes, we can promise to leave everything on the field—to borrow a sports metaphor. Our clients can be assured that we will work very hard to get the best compensation possible for their injuries.

We deal with every client honestly

Trust is the key to any relationship.  Without trust, the relationship will not flourish.  However, trust must be earned.  It is not given willy-nilly.  We attempt to earn the trust of our clients by dealing honestly and in good faith with every client at all times.

We work harder than our opponents

The secret to our success may be summed up in the following sentence.  When our opponents are sleep, we are working and preparing.  Our work ethic comes from a strong desire to win and be the best as well as an acknowledgment that we are not as big as some other law firms.

We treat every case as if it is our only case

As a Dallas Auto Injury Lawyer firm, we treat each client’s case as if it is our only case.  Why?  Because at that moment that client’s case is our most important case.  Every case that we are working on gets our full attention.

We remain knowledgeable and abreast of the law

A Dallas Auto Accident Lawyer must be and remain knowledgeable of the law since the law is in a constant flux and the competition is steep.  For instance, attorneys must remain abreast of constitutional law, statutes, rules of evidence and procedures, etc. Hence, we are constantly studying, learning and re-learning the law and the practice of the law.

We protect our reputation

Our solid reputation as a Dallas Auto Accident Attorney causes potential clients to hear about us long before they retain us to represent them.  Thence, we understand the importance of maintaining a good reputation through client satisfaction and integrity. Our reputation is our most important asset.

We charge fees that are fair and reasonable

Our clients never have to be concern with whether our fees are excessive.  We are not the least expensive law firm in town but nor are we the most expensive.  Our fees are commensurate with the current market rate and the complexity of the case.

We hire the best professionals to serve our clients

Our firm is only as good as the professionals we hire.  When seeking employees we seek only the most qualified in their field.  We want the best and brightest employees and believe our clients deserve nothing less.  Each employee is expected to exhibit the Corbett Law Firm’s way of practicing law and handling clients.

We give back to the community

Though last on the list, giving back to the community is by no means the least important.  The community has been good to us and we feel obligated to give back to it.  Our main community investment is in at-risk youth and reforming education.  We invest heavily in both of these endeavors.