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Firm Philosophy

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Life is unpredictable.  You may experience an unexpected personal injury because of another person’s negligence. When this occurs, you need a personal injury attorney with the experience, aggressiveness, and skill to hold the other party responsible for your injury.  The personal injury attorneys at The Corbett Law Firm will work tirelessly to make sure you get the compensation you deserve for your personal injury. Whether your case reaches a trial or ends in settlement our personal injury attorneys will not relent until you get justice. We are small enough to focus on your case but big enough to fight any opponent. Do not take a chance hiring the wrong lawyer.  Call The Corbett Law Firm today.

When the government accuses you or someone you know with committing a crime, choosing the right criminal defense lawyer is paramount. For this reason choosing a criminal defense attorney at The Corbett Law Firm is a wise choice. You can be assured that our attorneys will thoroughly and aggressively investigate your case to find any weaknesses in the government’s case against you. Our criminal defense attorneys will work to make sure that your bail is reasonable, your rights are protected, and the government is playing by the rules. Make no mistake; if a trial becomes necessary, our criminal defense attorneys are some of the toughest and most skilled in the business, ready to go toe to toe against the government.