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I Love Storytelling


As a lawyer and minister, storytelling is my bread and butter.  I cannot do without it.  It is my natural and preferred way of communicating in both arenas. I am most comfortable when talking to a group of people.  In my law practice, juries respond better when you communicate with stories than when your argument is shredded with technical legal stuff.  I believe that’s true however of people in general.  Stories create feelings and images that powerfully embeds your theory in the cerebral of your audience.  They bring life to a narrative.  People may forget a point a law but they tend to remember points of the story.  So, when my client is the victim in a car accident, I will impressed upon the jury our theory of the case with a compelling story often told from the bad driver’s perspective, though not always.

The same is true of church audiences.  They may love a good story even more so since the Bible is filled with marvelous stories.

Whether my audience is a jury or church group, you can bet that I’ll be using storytelling through most of my presentation.

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