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Our Podcast

We are very pleased to announce our new podcast with host Augustus Corbett J.D. and co host Chloe Corbett J.D.

The podcast that will change the nation

podcast cover art3The Call for Justice Podcast is a weekly discussion about justice-related issues between a father-daughter duo, the Reverend Augustus Corbett J.D., and his daughter Chloe Corbett J.D.  This dynamic duo passionately advocates for racial, economic, educational, political and legal justice. As a pastor and attorney, Rev. Corbett is uniquely qualified to share insights on the meaning and importance of justice, how we achieve justice, what happens when injustice prevails, how to make the legal system more just for minorities and much more.  Chloe, as a member of Generation Y with a more liberal and nuanced perspective, will resonate well with younger audiences.  Together they are the perfect blend and balance of information, inspiration, and insight.


Some of the upcoming episodes include discussions of Colin Kaepernick, The Birth of a Nation controversy, and voter suppression laws.


This table contains all previous podcasts episodes. To listen to a specific episode, please click the link of the podcast episode.
11Black On Black Violence08/31/2016Augustus Corbett and Chloe Corbett
12Colin Kaepernick and Voter Suppression Laws09/02/2016Augustus Corbett and Chloe Corbett
13How The Democrat Party Takes Black Voters for Granted09/05/2016Augustus Corbett and Chloe Corbett
14Closing The Achievement Gap and School-To-Prison Pipeline - Part 109/07/2016Augustus Corbett and Chloe Corbett