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The news is often filled with police officers killing or severely injuring innocent and unarmed American citizens. A disproportionate percentage of these victims are African Americans or Latino. The Department of Justice says

However, we know most victims of police brutality are not African Americans. Most victims of police brutality are white. Regardless of the victim’s race, the laws of our country protect our citizens from police brutality.

We’ve all heard that police officers swear to protect and serve American citizens. To their credit, many officers attempt to abide by this duty. Yet, far too many police officers disregard their duty and harm people the very people they swore to serve and protect. When this happens, public trust is shattered, causing people to distrust cops.

Police brutality not only shatters public trust; it also shatters lives. That’s because the law grants police officers enormous authority, power, and equipment to carry their duty. They carry sidearms, Billy clubs, tasers, and other weapons that can kill or maim. In the wrong hands, this authority, power, and equipment can cause lots of human suffering.

Our firm handles police brutality cases. We aggressively hold police accountable when they exceed the law and harm people illegally and needlessly. We also hold municipalities responsible for failing to train and supervise bad cops properly.

Police brutality comes in many forms. The list below provides a few ways police brutality occurs:

  • Improper use of deadly force
  • Improper use of nondeadly force
  • Overly violent and aggressive arrest techniques
  • Dangerous police chases

Know that if you or a family member has been a victim of police brutality, your civil rights have been violated and you may have a case. Don’t let them get away with brutalizing you or a family member. The law protects you from police misconduct, and we can help!

Hence, if you have questions about your police brutality case, call Corbett & Corbett today for an evaluation.