Car Wreck Lawyer in Dallas

A Dallas car wreck lawyer represents people injured in car accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 20,376 fatal car accidents nationally in 2008.  Many more car accidents resulted in severe and non-serious injuries.

When a car wreck occurs, people lives are changed forever.  Victims are left with large medical bills, painful injuries, lost wages and so on.

A car wreck does not happen out of thin air.  A car wreck occurs when a negligent driver violates safety rules. The negligence can arise from texting while driving, driving while drinking, speeding, reckless driving, failing to stop, tailgating and the list goes on. Otherwise, cars and trucks usually are safe methods of roaming around town, taking long trips or commuting to work until they’re not.

Folks that want justice for themselves, or loved ones, benefit when there’s legal intervention. In Texas, people know they can get a Dallas car wreck lawyer at Corbett & Corbett LLP who will fight for their rights. We fight hard whether the car wreck is a MIST claim or major accident. People recognize our attorneys as outstanding personal injury lawyers. We’re dedicated to persevering when our clients lack the emotional strength to battle stingy insurance companies alone.

Injured while driving? Call Corbett & Corbett LLP

Nothing is satisfying about car wrecks, and even after our Dallas car wreck lawyer secures clients favorable settlements, nobody wins. Something is lost on both sides of the wrecks.

Drivers and passengers hurt or killed lose time with families, income, and often won’t experience the same standard of life they did before their accident. Negligent drivers suffers loses also including driving privileges, freedom and may become uninsurable.

If a negligent driver has caused you injuries, and you wish to hold him accountable, our office awaits your call. Our Dallas car accident lawyers offer a free consultation, and you’ll never pay one dime until your claim is favorably settled or decided by a jury.

Our Dallas car wreck lawyer has handled many car wreck cases for our clients.  We work tirelessly to get our clients the maximum compensation for their damages.  We do not take “no” from stingy and tight-fisted insurance companies.  Our lawyers are ready to take cases to trial if insurance companies refuse to compensate our clients adequately.

Why should you, the victim of someone’s negligence, not get the compensation you deserve?  You did not cause the car accident and should not have to pay one penny out of your pocket or insurance policy.  However, do not fight the insurance companies yourself.  You are no match for their adjusters, attorneys, experts, and so forth. They are very skilled at keeping your compensation low.  Let our Dallas car accident attorneys fight for you.

Most important, sign no papers that the insurance company’s adjuster ask you to sign. You may be signing away precious rights.

We offer an intelligent approach to settling claims

There’s only one goal if you retain our firm, and that’s getting the money you deserve. We’re not trying to win new friends, nor please stingy insurance companies. Drivers pay thousands of dollars every twelve months in premiums to insurance companies to cover the cost if these drivers slam into another person’s vehicle negligently.

As a well-respected personal injury firm, we’ve helped numerous clients seek and secure financial relief to cover medical bills, personal income losses, and monies for pain and suffering if a negligent driver injures them. Again, we don’t collect one penny from our clients until that settlement check is secured. This contingency fee approach means we carry the upfront costs of litigation, expert witnesses and staff.

Rarely will one find such an aggressive Dallas car wreck lawyer who will go harder than one of our lawyers.

Commercial trucks rideshare cars and trucks and everyday passenger cars and trucks find themselves frequently distracted by technology or under the influence, a growing issue in this city that causes many wrecks. A rising number of Texas drivers also believe they need to arrive at work before everyone else, causing them to speed and cause even more wrecks. It’s horrifying.

Proving Car Wrecks in Dallas

Texas tort laws are specific in what proof is required in personal injury cases. Here’s a summary of those requirements:

  • The negligent party was responsible for the care and safety of other drivers on the road (duty to care);
  • Through one or more actions, that party violated the trust and safety of others (breach of duty);
  • Violating another’s safety and trust resulted in both measurable and estimated losses (causation); and
  • Losses caused economic and noneconomic damages which the negligent party must pay (damages).

Once all four elements have been proven, or enough evidence exists that we can prove all elements by a preponderance of the evidence, we’ll either negotiate your settlement or take your case to trial. Due to the high costs of litigation, many insurers choose settlements before the trial phase.

Compensation is based off calculable losses (medical bills, loss of wages, repairs or replacement vehicle, and so on) and noneconomic losses (pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and so forth).

Car Insurance

Unfortunately, some drivers do not have insurance on their cars.  Therefore, when they negligently cause accidents, victims may experience difficulty getting compensation.  However, we are experienced at finding other avenues to get our clients compensated when such circumstances are present.

Remember, if you are the victim of another person’s negligent driving we will fight to get you a rental car if needed and compensation for these applicable damages: pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and other damages.

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