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Why We Don’t Fear The Bigger Law Firms

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Everyone is familiar with the story of David and Goliath.  It speaks of the bravery of David, a young shepherd lad who stood up to a nine-foot bully named Goliath who was the leader of the Philistines.  Each day for months, the armies of Israel and the Philistines faced off. Daily Goliath boastfully taunted the entire nation of Israel.  Because of his size and self-confident boasting, no man in Israel had courage to confront him.

However, David had spent many hours on the mountainside as a shepherd boy developing his faith and relationship with God.  As a result, he became fearless.   With that fearlessness, he killed a lion and a bear with his bare hands when they threatened the sheep he watched.  Hence, when David overheard Goliath taunting Israel, David was offended and could not stand by and let that happen.  With the same fearlessness and faith he used to defeat the lion and bear, he used those qualities to defeat Goliath.  Remarkably, he didn’t have the big weaponry that Goliath had, instead he used a simple slingshot and a stone to kill Goliath.  David famously said to Goliath, “you come to us with your sword and spear but I come to you in the name of the Lord.”

Oftentimes, we feel like David.  We are not as big as the large law firms and insurances companies that fight our personal injury clients.  Nor are we as large as the district attorney offices that accuse those we represent in the criminal justice system.  We may not therefore possess all the resources they possess.  Nevertheless, we don’t fear any of them.   They don’t intimidate us at all.  We respect their resources but we strongly believe in our God and His commitment to justice.  In other words, we strongly believe it is morally right for big insurance companies to adequately compensate people that are injured from the insurance companies’ negligent customers.  Similarly, we believe people that have been accused of committing crimes have rights and those rights should be protected irrespective of one’s race, class, gender or any other reason.

What’s more, we will not allow the big law firms to work harder than us.  In fact, no one will work harder for his or her clients than us.  Often, the lawyers who represent the big insurance companies focus on billing hours and overhead whereas we focus on getting positive results for our clients.

So we hope the big law firms continue with their dismissive, snobbish and haughty attitudes and we will continue getting justice for our clients.

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